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to security teams.

At Reqfast, our mission is to make the work of protecting what’s valuable easier and more accurate for all.

Our patent-pending technology platform creates vital organization and process to help information security teams focus more on their work and less on their workflow.

By keeping this process focused on stakeholder requirements — the building blocks of the cyber intelligence service model — Reqfast untangles common visibility, communication and project management challenges, empowering teams to identify the right sources, share the right information with the right stakeholders and collect feedback with speed and precision.

After a combined half-century of working in government and private-sector cyber threat intelligence teams, we get it: cybersecurity is complicated work. We invented Reqfast to make the process of doing that work less complicated. Our company was born over a crab omelet at a local diner: a solution for any security organization struggling with a lack of process and accountability.

For us, and for you, Reqfast is our offering to make this industry better. Join us for Reqfast and see the difference.


Brian Mohr, CEO
Brian began his career in intelligence and security during his 15 years of active duty in the U.S. Marines. After leaving the service, he moved into the private sector, leading CTI for organizations including American Express and Flashpoint. He has an MS in cybersecurity along with an MBA from the University of Maryland and an AA in Chinese Mandarin from the Defense Language Institute.

Giving Back

From mentoring the next generation of cyber threat intelligence professionals to giving back to non-profit organizations in need of our support, we are deeply committed to serving our communities in all the ways we’re uniquely equipped to help.

Learn more about some of Reqfast’s recent service initiatives here.


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