Get A Fresh Start with Reqfast 2.0

Reqfast 2.0 brings users a new and improved platform with the same Threat Intelligence features!  Improved navigation and user experience mean getting work done faster and more efficiently!

Quickly see what intelligence projects you have underway.
Create A Ticket
Easily start your intelligence workflow with everything you’ll need in one place.
Ticket Detail
Reqfast tickets are information-rich and loaded with optional fields to help manage your shop.
Ticket Tasks
Easily assign tasks to other team members and quickly know where they stand.
Ticket Requirements
The Reqfast difference! Attach requirements to a project tickets to measure your effort and impact.
Ticket Inventory
Know what’s in flight or find completed work at the click of a button.

What People Are Saying About Reqfast 2.0

"Finally I have the metrics I need to show me who to hire, what skills are in demand, and what data to look for."
Dir, InfoSec, Threat Intelligence
"To put it simply, Reqfast measures our process/pipeline end-to-end."
Mgr, Cyber Threat Intelligence
"Using Reqfast, we are able to see not only who's available to respond to a ticket, but who's able to meet those requirements proficiently."
Mgr, Cyber Threat Intelligence
"We're able to proactively share information, rather than being constantly reactive to inbound asks."
VP, Risk & Threat Intelligence
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