Mission Control for
the Threat Intelligence



Gain visibility into the status of tasks, tickets and teammates from one centralized hub. Prioritize your work for maximum efficiency and get reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Workflow Management

Collaborate across your organization and easily stay on top of who is working on what and why. Create, assign and track tickets and tasks to stakeholders, teammates and vendors. Map requirements to teams, tools and tasks to streamline work efforts, giving clear direction on the best sources for specific topics and taking the guesswork out of report distribution.

Requirement Management

Leverage Reqfast’s patent-pending requirement mapping features to optimize the efficiency and efficacy of your threat intelligence operations.

Instantly evaluate requests from clients and stakeholders, access the best sources of information from your stack, and route intelligence information to all the right people in your organization with speed and accuracy.


Gather hard data on your vendors and get insights on what each does or doesn’t do well using Reqfast’s built-in feedback system.

Team Collaboration

Organize and centralize intelligence information from across your organization, manage and prioritise requests, gain visibility acress your people and information resources to collaborate effectively and respond to requests faster.


Access and export tactical and strategic metrics to ensure you’re working efficiently. Track day-to-day performance of technology resources and personnel, gain insights on counts and throughput and know where and how improvements can be made.

Planning & Direction

Know the ROI and efficacy of your threat intelligence ecosystem. Leverage strategic insights to optimize use of resources and make smarter decisions about vendors, tools and staffing.

Know which sources are used most often and if they’re delivering results, then overlay costs to determine if reallocation, reduction or additional investment is needed.


Manage, share, and receive notifications for tickets and task assignments.
Create and manage JIRA-connected tickets from within the Reqfast platform.
Send ticket and task alerts or report links direct from the platform via email.
Access Intel 471 intelligence requirements through the Reqfast platform.

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