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Whether starting from scratch or working with a complex existing security infrastructure, our cyber threat intelligence experts will work with you to ensure you have the resources you need – and need the resources you have – to protect what’s important to your organization.


Reqfast’s experts will work with you to build the set of requirements to define what your stakeholders need to know and the right sources to find it.



With your requirements in place, we will use our proprietary technology to visualize the components and process of getting the information to the right stakeholders, streamlining workflows and using your resources efficiently.


With more collaboration, streamlined workflows and efficient use of resources, your organization can fully optimize your intelligence operations and consistently make better, more informed, and complete decisions.

Get Support

Reinforce your security ecosystem with Reqfast’s account service offerings


Get help with implementation, develop and streamline operations and customize your integrations with full-service account support.


Engage the producers and consumers of intelligence within your company by teaching them the fundamentals of intelligence and requirement management.


Access expertise and executional support to solve for specific operational needs, close intelligence gaps and identify improvement opportunities.

What People Are Saying

"Finally I have the metrics I need to show me who to hire, what skills are in demand, and what data to look for."
Dir, InfoSec, Threat Intelligence
"To put it simply, Reqfast measures our process/pipeline end-to-end."
Mgr, Cyber Threat Intelligence
"Using Reqfast, we are able to see not only who's available to respond to a ticket, but who's able to meet those requirements proficiently."
Mgr, Cyber Threat Intelligence
"We're able to proactively share information, rather than being constantly reactive to inbound asks."
VP, Risk & Threat Intelligence
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It’s time to work with intelligence.
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