The Healthy Start
to a Complete Intelligence Program

Get the most out of your intelligence team and tools by mapping stakeholder requirements, workflows and feedback with Reqfast

The Cyber Intelligence Management Platform

Declutter, reduce cost, and act with purpose. 

Use Reqfast to balance your intelligence ecosystem.

Manage Requirements

Map stakeholders, requirements, vendors, performance data and feedback to keep day-to-day intelligence operations in sync with company objectives.

Manage Workflows

Work smarter, not harder.

Centralize information to clarify who is working on what and why. Make decisions and take action faster and with accuracy using transparent and unbiased metrics.

Manage Costs

Know where to invest — or not. Compare the usage, cost and efficacy of your  security ecosystem to make informed  decisions about technology resources and personnel.


For Security Teams

Big-picture visibility meets small-detail accuracy.

Bring the tools, people and work of your security operations team together in one place. Manage tasks, feedback and requirements with precision while keeping in check with organizational priorities.

For Business Teams

Stay Informed, Stay Protected

Gain visibility into the who, what, where and why of security incidents and operations to know your organization is protected, efficiently.

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Stepping into the river

I just finished reading Morgan Housel’s piece “Experts From A World That No Longer Exists” (Nov, 2021), linked below, and I will say it is

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