Intelligence Requirements: The Value Proposition

Brian Mohr
February 22, 2023

Having documented intelligence requirements that are integrated into your team’s workflow is crucial to guide the team toward success. Intelligence requirements are the foundation that drives the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence products. They serve as a framework for your intelligence team to understand what information is needed, why it is needed, and how it will be used.

The benefits of having established intelligence requirements are numerous:

Improved Decision Making

Producing intelligence against requirements ensures that the intelligence gathered is relevant to the decision-making process. By identifying the intelligence needed and why it is needed, decision-makers can confidently rely on the intelligence provided by their intelligence team.

Increased Efficiency

Intelligence requirements focus the efforts of your intelligence team on the most important information needed by the stakeholder. This means that your team will not waste time and resources collecting and analyzing information that is not relevant to the organization’s or stakeholder’s needs.

Better Resource Allocation

By analyzing your production against stakeholder requirements, teams can allocate resources to the areas that require the most attention. This means that you can prioritize the collection and analysis of intelligence based on the organization’s critical information and security gaps.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Because the operating environment is dynamic, managing requirements is an inherently fluid process.  But it is this flexibility that ensures your intelligence team is aware of the most critical threats and opportunities facing your organization as the landscape evolves. This means that your team can provide timely and relevant intelligence to decision-makers, allowing them to make their decisions with confidence.

Having a manageable intelligence requirement framework and workflow is critical to the success of your intelligence team. An integrated, flexible requirements system provides solidifies the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence, improves decision-making, increases efficiency, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances situational awareness.

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