Find cost savings with Reqfast

Brian Mohr
September 9, 2021

There is a price for great intelligence. Often it is the same price as good intelligence and, sadly, bad intelligence as well. So what to do as the customer? How do you, the stakeholder and check signer, differentiate from one type of intelligence to the other?

Well, first, you need requirements. But you also need to share those requirements with your information providers, your vendors, to understand what they need to provide. You should only be paying for the information you truly want and need. (Simple, right?) Second, you need a method to track whether or not your providers are giving you what you asked. But how?

With Reqfast, we tie your intelligence information requirements to your tasks, your projects, what you’re actually working on from day to day to demonstrate not only whether or not you use the information you paid for but also how useful it was.

In this video, we show how Reqfast can help you with your supplier rationalization. Reqfast can help you evaluate which intelligence is providing you with the best, most useful information and, at a glance, what that information is costing you.

At Reqfast, we like our intelligence programs lean, healthy, and cost-effective. See how we do it. Bon appétit!

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